Introducing Associate Professor Kaisa Hartikainen

The head of Behavioural Neurology-research unit, Associate Professor Kaisa Hartikainen has been leading her research group at the Tampere University Hospital since 2011. Her research focuses on... Read more


We are Tampere Brain & Mind – Professor in Child Psychiatry Kaija Puura

Kaija Puura works as the Chief Physician at Tampere University Hospital and leads the Child Psychiatry-research group at Tampere University. The group is part of a larger Tampere Center for Child,... Read more


Introducing Senior Research Fellow Mikko Peltola

Mikko Peltola (PhD, Senior Research Fellow) works at the Human Information Processing laboratory at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Tampere University. Mikko is especially interested in the emotional... Read more


Introducing associate professor Sari Ylinen

Sari Ylinen, associate professor in logopaedics, has an impressive, multidisciplinary background. She has studied languages and has PhD in psychology, she is a docent in cognitive neuroscience, she... Read more


We are Tampere Brain & Mind – Chief physician (Neurology) Hanna Kuusisto

Hanna Kuusisto (MD, PhD), a deputy-member of Tampere Brain & Mind steering group, has plenty of hats to wear! She is docent and chief physician in neurology, and specialist chief physician in... Read more


We are Tampere Brain & Mind – Professor Jari Hietanen

Next in line in our steering group introductions is Professor Jari Hietanen from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Tampere University. Jari is the leader of the Human Information Processing... Read more


We are Tampere Brain&Mind – Dean Seppo Parkkila

In the second part of this article-series we would like to introduce the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, Tampere University, Professor Seppo Parkkila. Seppo brings in a wide... Read more


We are Tampere Brain & Mind

Tampere is well known for its strong technology background, however its speciality fields are not limited to engineering alone. Nevertheless, this strong engineering-mindset, and the... Read more


Webinar: Hands-on Modelling Afternoon

The last talk of this series was held on September 2nd, 2022! You can find the topics of the talks below. If you would like to suggest new ideas for future webinar-series, please contact regional... Read more


Autism Awareness-week: Introducing professor Elina Kontu

Professor Elina Kontu from Tampere University is a true multi-talent. She has a PhD in Special needs education, licentiate in Educational sciences, and she is a docent for Special needs in early... Read more