Tampere has a unique concentration of wide variety of neuroscience research fields, and plenty of multidisciplinary neuroscience research collaborations over organisational borders. The region is especially known for its research in

  • – computational and theoretical neuroscience and body-on-chip-models to study the mechanisms of the nervous system
  • – neurogenetics, psychology and child- and adolescent psychiatry
  • – neuromodulation-treatments and their effects to the brain, brain health and epilepsy
  • – neuromuscular diseases, sleep, and behavioural neurology
  • – cerebrovascular diseases, brain tumours and neurotraumatology
  • – cognitive, affective and social neurosciences
  • – electrophysiological measurements and stimulation methods and imaging
  • – human-technology interaction

Such broad knowledge-base coupled with the strong innovation-supporting ecosystem in the Tampere-region ensures new research ideas are readily being transformed into new innovations and start-ups.